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Fine tuning sleeper Volumes

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Is it possible to change the trigger or design a trigger volume, for poi
populating to the lot perimeter, instead of the physical poi threshold.
What I mean is presently the trigger is crossing into the sleepervolume
by transgressing a portal. I understand that they are varying sizes
depending on room volume. The reason I am asking is because, it would
pre-generate the sleepers prior to entry and being able to see them, or
hear their generation.


When going into a poi now, if you are moving slowly, I can often here
the generation of the sleepers to come. Its basically a thud, as they drop
into position. Since there is a minimum spacing between poi placement.
having an on\off set of manager trigger volumes could add control to the
sleeper population.


Example: A player is approaching a poi, a 1 or 2 block perimeter is the
off trigger volume. This one would de-res any sleepers still in a state of
sleep, but ignore any sleepers in a state of awake. Passing to the lot
perimeter would be the ON trigger, either activating the sleeper generation
on a single level or in the entire poi. It would depend on POI height.
That could be designated by the POI height, like a floor count parameter, in
the prefabs.xml.


This could be expanded or simplified by setting the absolute terrain as OFF
just like in DM you can turn on and off the Sleepervolumes in a POI. In
multi-player mode it would mean the only volumes that were on and generating
would be the ones that players are physically interacting with at the time.
The rest would be set to null or OFF until a player entered the lot.


Cabins and s Houses average between 1 and 3 floors. So the amount of sleepers
present is still less than what is rendered during a horde for most player. "To cover
potential FPS concern"
. These could be a full POI one time gen. Apartments and
Large pois could be separated into 3 floor sections. The volume would then
be used as an EAI actuator.


As a side note I think I may have figured part of the reason for the sound missing
from the sleepers. Because they are generated in the sleeper volume they are in that
volume and not connecting to the world plane until they are knocked back or down.
The sleeper volume is basically a collider box or a world unto itself, but it has no
pass through or collider configuration, if it were treated as terrain it could generate
a sound of the shuffling feet.


I learned this by listening as I played. A zombie generated from the spawner collided with
the walking plane. A sleeper awakes and collides with the volume plane. Sort of a sub
vacuum plane with out collider response. If you knock the sleeper back or down, it now
collides with the world plane and generates footsteps.



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