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Alpha 19.3 Action Key Not Working


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After updating from 19.2 to 19.3 Nitrogen the Action key and some sound issues within MP the game.

Other users no problems with action key or sound,

Complete removal and reinstall done including %Appdata% and Registry and Steam folder, same problem,

Worked find on 19.2 version and all previous versions,

Admins have no server log issues showing the problem

Internet ping is 17ms and >100Mpbs speed (network unlikely)

Can play local games & action key works fine

Modified the Action key from E to F, same problem. F will not open boxes, backpacks etc etc.

Holding action key always shows Campfire Symbol on some items

At first few seconds of startup I can get into 1 box or workbench then no longer soon after

Have run out of ideas and will probably have to give up this server ?



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you need to follow the sticky about posting more information and your logs on the server where the issue is occurring.  The logs are a gold mine of information for those that help others.  Also it is the day after Christmas so a lot of people are still spending time with family.


Without the log, this is just a guess but you might have a mod issue / conflict....

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