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game is straight up dog @%$#

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bought this game because a friend really wanted me to try it. complete piece of @%$#.

over 3 decades of gaming and this is easily the biggest piece of @%$# i've ever played. i'd rather play ET from Atari than play this. confusing ass mechanics, tedious, takes forever to build @%$#, unbalanced,  ugly graphics/animations, boring gameplay. after 20+ hours i've had enough. take your piece of @%$# and shove it. uninstalled and never touching this abomination again.

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Clearly you will convince everyone here that your opinion is, of course, absolutely what everyone else should also feel.  We will all, in an act of solidarity, promptly uninstall the game and ruin the English language with our posting skills henceforth.


Nah.  I've recently topped 6000 hours in this game and will likely get at least 20 more.  At least.  Easily the worst piece of carp game that I continuously want to play.  :p

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I don't think the OP is interested in being convinced and the only place for this to go is into the arena of insults and piling on so I'm locking it. Not every game is for everyone. Thanks for your feedback @Gar1234 and too bad the game didn't sync with your preferences like it did with your friend. 

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