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Undead Legacy, Darkness Falls, Ravenhearst, Or Other Overhaul Mod for 2 People?


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I'm looking into a mod that I can play with my friend, to change things up a bit and make 7d2d feel more "new", or to just up the challenge. I have 700 hrs in the game and my friend has 1,300+.

I've played Ravencraft about 2 years ago, and had a ton of fun, but honestly don't remember much about it, or what was different from the main game, other than it was more challenging and had a lot more specialization (in that it felt like you needed to play with multiple friends with different classes to get the full experience).

I'm now trying to find a good mod for my friend and I to play, so difficulty for 2 players only is relevant. But, I've heard good things about Darkness Falls, Undead Legacy, and Ravencraft (and have played the last mod a bit myself).

Do you guys have any overhaul mods you particularly like? Why? Why did you not like or choose the other mods? And are there any mods I'm missing?

Appreciate your input!

TL;DR: The title covers it I guess.

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I think u mean Ravenhearst?


I have played Darkness Falls for tons of hours now and I like it a lot. It adds a new dimension with the demons. Nights can be truly creepy at night at first and u have to explore the wasteland for the last and best trader but also for the titanium, uranium and plutonium spots. But the demons there... are bad... evil and destructive 😛

Anyway... survive the first part and it's managable... late game is pretty tough cause some demons are almost too hard too handle unless u got the powerful energy weapons.

With friends it's great fun, and challenging cause u got more enemies to handle I think...


I only recently started playing Undead Legacy. So far I think it's great. Although lots of it is 'locked' behind blueprints and u got to make some adjustments in ur playstyle perhaps. U really have to unlock more items before u can use/craft them. U need the blueprints and I started the game at 75% loot and for example it took me a while to find a second rope which u need to make a stone axe. So if u like crafting this is really challenging. 


I would suggest u try DF first but it's not really fair perhaps cause I am still learning and exploring UL atm. 


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Personally I ALWAYS recommend War of the Walkers for folks new to overhaul mods. I personally find it doesn't make the game easier or harder, but it does add some complexity, but it's also "vanilla enough" to make learning the new stuff nice and easy.

Then move onto something tougher like Darkness Falls, Ravenhearst, Undead Legacy, War3zuk or GNAMod (not horde mode, there's a full overhaul, but it's VERY hard)

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