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Attaching Particles/Prefabs to... Projectiles?


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Hi everyone. Hoping to pick someone's brain here on a code that might let me attach a particle effect to say... a rocket launcher's rocket. I am starting a new pvp server with nights dark enough that you need flash lights and such, and it seems so strange to have rockets in flight emit no ambient light around them. I want to find a way of attaching a light of some kind to the rocket itself once its been fired (primary action). I've attempted using AttachParticleToEntity and using ProjectileJoint as a parent.. etc. I cant seem to make it work. The easy way is to replace the rockets model.. but then it looks like youre just stuffing a ball of light into the launcher. Would the code be on the rocket itself? The launcher? What am I doing wrong here.


Appreciate anyone that has knowledge on the subject...

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