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Christmas Mod - Vanilla Items and Snowballs


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Hey everyone - this is my first public mod, so I'm happy to get some feedback from the more experienced modders out there. It's a server-side, XML-only mod. It started as three lines of xpath to unlock the Christmas items, for people who didn't want to update to the Experimental build yet; but then after a quick chat in Discord I realised it would be fun to add a couple of damaging snowballs too.


One is a contact grenade type, with a very low radius of effect - this means you have to score a direct hit to get a kill.

The other is more like contact dynamite - it does block damage rather than entity damage. You can still singe your eyebrows if you're not careful, however.


Let me know what you think!


ETA: The Snowballnade is unlocked by the Contact Grenade schematic, and the Snowballmite by the Dynamite schematic. If you add this mod to an existing game and you've already read those, you will need to re-read them to unlock the new items.



Download here - zip file, 4KB.



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I gave them both a good run through with the Santa mod and really liked the contact grenade because it requires precision but to good effect.


In the long term I would stick with that varient and shy away from the block damage contact dynamite simply because of the post battle clean up.
It causes similar ground damage to a Demolisher and I am not too keen on base repairs that include too much ground work.


If block damage was removed and replaced with stun instead to cause an entity to fall down/stumble I would use that a lot in combo with the contact grenade.


Sometimes I use @doughphunghus's Rabbit from Hell and it includes a 'grenade from Hell' as well which causes the kind of damage a well placed stick of dynamite does on a tower ready for demolition. However, this server I play on has a safezone where the Blood Moon base can take no damage. It is balanced by the players only being able to attack the entities if they leave the base and attack out in the open. It works very well there though as would your Snowballmite.

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Thanks for your feedback! I definitely didn't intend the block damage one as a weapon as such; it barely scratches zombies and definitely makes a mess. I hadn't thought about a stun grenade at all - I'll look into whether a buff like stun or stumbling is something I can add.


I might do an extended grenades mod with a few different types, if I can figure out the stun grenade. I already did a tactical nuke which can take the side off a house, but I felt like it was too OP to do much with. 

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