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[A19]BBBBilly's practical Mods collection


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Hello, I'm just here, and I'm going to share some simple and practical mods that are designed for my server, but also for single player games.

My English is very poor, I hope you can understand what I want to express.


Author: BBBBilly


Make the night darker, especially indoors and in the shadows.Tips:Mandatory, can be applied to the server!It works for everyone! No matter how much gamma you have.


2.Medical improvement

Make ordinary bandage can also restore a small amount of health, not to let you helpless. And it can provide the upper stacking limit of medical consumables.

7DTD_Medical improvement.rar


Running consumes less stamina.(as “Hiker”perkRank1)


4.Trees don't grow

This mod will prevent trees from growing, and prevent the servers from being full of @%$# blue spruce tree.Principle: let the next growth stage of seedlings become seedlings!

7DTD_Trees don't grow.rar


Well, maybe I'm too grumpy, but I really hate blue spray tree, so the "@% $#" is actually "bast * rd".

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