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Please Buff Iron Gut

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On 1/5/2021 at 2:27 PM, FlakAttack said:


Stamina use is what causes food/water consumption to increase, and this right here is easily your greatest expense.


Fuel is actually easy to get if you can get yourself to a desert. Mine out a buttload of oil shale and process it all down for fuel. No problem. Use fuel to get around and you won't eat nearly as much food.

I've thought this, but I'm going at max about 500m, often times a lot less. I live in the centre of a city; right next to the trader. 



On 1/5/2021 at 5:24 PM, meganoth said:

What FlakAttack said.


In essence you are trading gas for stamina/food and by using melee mostly also trading ammo for stamina/food.  If you also don't use stealth to get in some cheap crit headshot damage in pois you are also trading time for stamina/food.


Both gas and ammo can probably be aquired as fast or faster through mining. At least I get that impression when I look at the stacks of raw materials the miner can bring back after just one night of mining


I do the cheapshot sneak attacks on headshots, usually using the worst guns I have, e.g. blunderbuss. 


On 12/31/2020 at 7:37 PM, RipClaw said:

To be fair, food consumption has been worse. In A17 you had to be at max food all the time because you quickly fell below the limits where hunger had an effect on your stamina.

Food does have an affect on your max stamina, if you're starving it's nearly capped at around 60% I'd say, if I'm remembering right

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2 hours ago, Peter Colivet said:

Food does have an affect on your max stamina, if you're starving it's nearly capped at around 60% I'd say, if I'm remembering right

Yes it has an effect but not as much as in A17. In A17 maximum stamina and fullness were one and the same. If you had 60% fullness, you had 60% of your max stamina.


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The only time I find food to be scarce is at the beginning. Once I can spend a game day or two hunting mountain lions in a snow biome and have a decent farm going I'm usually overflowing with Steak and Potatoes (or better) to the point where I'm hunting maybe once every 14-20 days. But that's probably just me and I like to spend points on hunting and farming.


That said, in terms of value I would agree that relative to other things to spend you skill points on Iron Gut could stand to offer more.


And maybe it is more a matter of perspective. If you invest in overcoming food scarcity then Iron Gut isn't as useful. If you're avoiding hunting and farming then maybe Iron Gut looks better.


I do know what it feels like to feed a group. I played with three friends and handled the cooking. Early on we struggled and folks knew to bring back eggs (for Bacon and Eggs). But we did work our way out of it, eventually to the point where folks quit eating canned food when they found it and we could make a bunch of the high end food. Folks could take out a couple of stacks of good food at a time. As a trade off, I didn't spend as much time making a horde base as they did.

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I agree so hard that I created an account to reply.


Here's my issue: I'm bored with single player and private servers, I've recently began playing on public servers and I love it and hate it at the same time.

When I play online, I want to jump into the fray (especially because when you play those beginning stages so many times it just gets so monotonous that it makes me quit the game.)

But the beginning stages aren't even that bad compared to older versions of the game - it's also other mechanics as well.

I think the real problem is that there's too many skills and not enough exp.


Personally, I've been playing using the agility skill tree - but of course you have to get into other skills if you want to establish your presence on the server.

(intellect, advanced engineering, agility, deep cuts, archery, strength, master chef, etc.)

I also never bring too much food with me while venturing out (PvPers are ruthless)

I am absolutely SICK of going out to cut a tree *you are hungry

Going to mine some stone *you are hungry

Going to loot *you are hungry

Going to my friends base across the river *you are hungry


So I break, "okay, i'll invest in iron gut"


Now i'm wasting points on what is effectively an inconvenient and annoying status message and if i'm wasting points, i'm wasting time.


But wait, we're not done yet - I might have been willing to finally max iron gut on one server, but what do I do when no one is online? I go to a different server and what am I faced with? That's right - apparently the first order of business is always going to be iron gut. It's not only annoying, it's monotonous.

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I have not read all the posts so i'm going straight for my thing . Stamina consumption is making you hungry .


1) Don't run all the time even if you want to move for like 2 meters .

2) Make red tea for the efficient digestion it is super easy , instead on drinking water.

3) The Snow biome is full of bears/tigers/wolfs/chickens/rabbits , i always leave with a truck of meat from there.

4) Always check the birds nests and boil the eggs you find .

5) Farm 

6) Use vehicles to move around , 0 stamina loss.

7) Put pocket mods at your wearing's so your character does not struggle so much with a full inventory .

😎 I personally never wear heavy armor , only light , that also helps .


Hope this a bit helpful . Cheers.

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