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A Stealth Tribar

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If it is possible, I would like the stealth meter to be changed
to a visual tribar. LIGHT emitted from player including any player
held light source; SOUND from player comprised of speed, terrain,
weapons, melee, garbage; zombie awareness\threat level queued on the manager
that is now used for the music or scaled 0 to 100.


The present meter seems to be a combination of light, sound, and
entity awareness. In game these are not static values, as the player or entity moves
it changes, but there is a single response.
When attempting to engage stealth, or just hiding in
the dark, it does not reflect the individual aspects that go into stealth.


It would help from a player\modder-TFP point of view allowing the ability
to fine tune, entity\player environmental interaction.


Light: a numeric representation based on the x,y,z of the entity\player.
Sound: a progress meter. Based on ThreatLevelTracker.boundingBoxRange.
Awareness: A 0 to 100 scale using a color gradient.


The possible uses. Making sleeper and wake Z reactions more precise depending on actual
light and sound, using a visual guide for quicker editing.
Allow easy cloning of existing models but with varied responses
to stimuli. If used in combination with "If Then statements" a larger more randomized
set of responses can be derived from a linear set of responses because each
entity would be affected by light and sound on its on instance. Presently governed by
50 50 50 bounding box causing a singular reaction.


Example: Instead of every Z turning at the same pace, and making a beeline toward
the player, the levels of light would guide sight or focus, and could have a vocal or
actionable response, with 7 grades. Sound\light levels, if using distance
Falloff could have a vocal or actionable response, with 7 grades.


With three super sets of 7 elements each, rendering 2 elements to 3 elements for
AI response, example light gives a total of 56 combinations of possible responses per entity.
These responses, if they were allowed could influence other entities causing a
randomized cascade of reactions, just from separating the 3 stimuli into their own
controller group. Add heat and smell, and the potential grows to above 128 per entity.


I got the idea after i reset the zombie ai to attack animal corpses. If i go to an area with
zombies dogs and a place to hide. If i kill the dog and hide but watch, some of the zombies
attack the corpse then resume search, some still search for me. If found they disregard corpse
and come after me.

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