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[Bug] Freezing camera and rotate


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Hi everyone ! 

I just played 7Days to die and a strange bug come to me.

About 1-2 minute playing my camera stuck.
I cant turn on me or look up and down, just go forward and rearward normally.

But when i go left or right im moving normally but my camera rotate right if i go right and left if i go left.

I never saw this bug in the past...


unknown (1).png


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Hi guys ! 

Euh .. I was just connected and i took my chainsaw to cut some trees, This was the first time the bug appear.

I disconected and reconected took the chainsaw angain and the bug appeared again.
Disconected and reconected again, i dont took my chainsaw and gone to to mining some charcoal with my drilling machine and the bug appeared again.

Si i decided to create a new game and i dont hade this bug on my new game.


And i dont used my bicycle since i have my little motocycle.


Hope this is understandable because English is not my native language 😕


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On 12/17/2020 at 10:27 AM, Jugginator said:

Thank you Zielno your English was certainly good! It's a hard one to narrow down with many different cases, so any information on what was going on is helpful.


Did you happen to have any debuffs? Such as broken leg/arm or sprained arm/leg?

I had the same issue before but I couldn't recreate it so I didn't mention it.  For me, I was stealth walking (crouching) from my base to the trader that was up the hill.  Noticed that I couldn't do anything but go back and forth.  Noticed that I started to tilt to the side like the second picture above.  I didn't use any vehicles at the time and I was perfectly healthy.  I closed the game and restarted, the issue went away.


I saw this occur during one of the developer streams and they mentioned Unity causing issues.   They restarted and the issue went away for them too (if i recall correctly, it was when they were showing off one of the new upcoming Tier 4s).

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I am having the same issue now.  I logged out and back in and it is fine for awhile but comes back.  Forward and backwards with W + S move without issue but A + D will move you left and right but slowly will rotate axis.  The mouse will not change your direction.  I have tried to increase and decrease mouse sensitivity without any resolution.


Alpha 19.5 b60

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