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Some Thoughts on farming system(I miss the cultivated land!)

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On 12/11/2020 at 6:56 PM, CKMKNB said:

Thanks, and i don't understand why they didn't use the interact button to harvest the mature plants to avoid destroy the nearby seed by accident.Use your fist to hit it seems a little stupid.

It's main purpose was to enable the buffs on harvest amount to function iirc.

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The way that E to interact is coded it can't handle any variables and will always do the exact same thing. Which makes it impossible to handle any collection bonuses with out redoing the interaction system or using a trick to work around the limitation. For example having more then one of each plant and having the Use command that is more flexible plant the better versions. But this would require you to need to break and replant all your crops when ever you upgrade Living off the Land. Naturally this is even worse then what they are currently using via the flexible Attack command to detect that your targeting a crop and to apply the bonuses of Living off the Land to the action.


Basically the devs are very limited in what they can do and how to do it by the game engine. Which anything beyond that needs valuable code time that is better used in other places.

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