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Perk Description French (é à è, etc...)


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You need to write it in your Localization.txt

As example, If you wrote long_desc_key as ChocolateLovesMe and desc_base as ChocolateHatesMe, then you need to do:



ChocolateLovesMe,,"Débloque leurs fabrication."

ChocolateHatesMe,,"Établi et Creuset."


if you wanna use comma in descriptions, then you need to close all text in " "

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ok thanks i will try. (I had already dabbled in Localization.txt but I had not had good results ... This bag of knots ... You know this feeling that it is the man in the service of the machine when this should be the other way around ... In addition the day when machines are smart enough to interact with humans without the intermediary of a computer language they will also be smart enough to rebel against our aspirations to use them! Haha what a waste of time... )

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