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please make an invisible block around farm plants.. right now i have to swing 50 or so times to harvest a plant each one different it makes farming not worth it.

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Yup, I just watched the video.


If you surround your plants on several sides with full blocks, you are asking for difficulty harvesting.


No wonder you have issues.


Even with the awful design, you harvested most plants in one hit. There was one goldenrod plant that I expected to harvest in one hit that did not, but most of your misses I knew would miss due to your angle and the surrounding blocks.



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Harvesting is easy, I don’t understand why you seem to have problem


1: jump up or align yourself straight heading along the lane, and then looking down at an angle to the plant so you can see its description

2: wait until you see the plant name, and click to grab, don’t need a tool, just your hands will be fine

3: step forward same angle and repeat step 2,its kind of a rythm, step grab step grab, easy


For tall crops look up/forward and repeat step 3


It’s that easy


i would do a video, but ive just done my crops so will have to wait for them to grow again




ok i waited for crops to grow again


this is how you should do it, im sure everyone else does it similar



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I don't have too much problem harvesting crops, and if I damage the farm plot you can just repair it.


TFP should revert back to pressing the activate key "E" to harvest the crops as before and have your land claim block prevent from others not in your group to harvest.  MUST we always have to use PUNCH mechanics in these survival games.... I always find that mechanic silly. (ARK, RUST, FOREST etc ...)



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I don't have too much problem with farm plots, though it took a little practice to get consistent with it (slightly different approaches to different plants). But man I punch/stab a bunch of dirt if I'm out trying to harvest plants in the wild. It is...bizarre...that the reticle will clearly say you are looking at Chrysanthemum, but when you swing you stab the dirt.


Hey, 1 free piece of clay I guess...

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On 12/4/2020 at 12:45 PM, thornnnn said:

ok video time.. this is nuts.. 

  it seems plants are easier to hit when you face east or west.. as the plants are 2x 2 dimensional  object looking does this mean only one plane is hittable?  it is nuts to have to swing 20 times to harvest a plant..   the hardest plants are goldenrod and chrysanthemums ..  but magically for this vid they harvested with only 2 or 3 swings.. but usually goldenrod and the red plant are like this coffee plant i tried to harvest.. i NEVER have problem with potato, blueberry, corn or yuka plants  and i almost ALWAYS have problems with the red and  yellow plants.  maybe add a box that if you hit the dashed box over any given plant  (only observable when your in the next block) that it harvests the plant.  as it is it seems the "target" is different for each plant.. i dont know which leaf to attack to harvest.  makes farming a real drag..  not to mention destroying my cement walls trying to hit a plant.


I see a coffee plant with 5000 hitpoints. 

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