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A19.3 performance and memory leaks stress testing


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This is a performance test made for specific use of @faatal and @Kinyajuu, but it might also concern sound and graphic departments.


The results below are posted in a pseudo-reporting form in order to make the reading easier.




Creating a new map and playing right after the first player spawn results in a 6000mb+ memory consumption in that gameplay session until Steam restart. From there, any subsequent loadings go back to normal memory consumption (RSS data in console). This is for 4k maps. 8k maps have the exact same problem but  with allegedly different memory values.

This is a previous bug report that has more details on the issue:





Summary: Memory RSS consumption feed ramps up too quickly in a short amount of time in a normal gameplay session.


Reasons might be: Sleeper memory consumption being 40-150mb each and every time without properly being cleared. Traders might ramp up RSS at each restart (main menu and continue). In that last case, it's unknown if it's actually the fact of restarting from the main menu instead of restarting steam the reason that RSS feed won't stop going up. 


Description of independent test cases with output logs:


CASE 1: 



CASE 1: normal gameplay session, you can clearly see that in those ~3 hours that memory almost doubles. No hint of emptying itself. The DECO writting helps at first by adding to the RAM, so after a while it worsens the situation by bottlenecking RAM-CPU data queues.





1. Unload of assets has to be made slower and in smaller batches, but mostly it needs to be warning- free. The unloading of assets eat a lot of memory queue time and most importantly, there needs to be code to LIMIT the unloading/loading to a lighter version. Systems with slow memory block the game and it worsens the sutters in an increasing pace until a few minutes in, from which stutters turn into 15 second freezes due RAM-CPU queues. DECO writting slows the bumps at first by using the memory, but it worsens later when it becomes full, to a point in which the game freezes constantly and in 5-15 second intervals.


2. There has to be a way to force-unload everything that isn't in use when in pause/inventory/speech menus. This is a wide issue that needs several things optimized, starting from a quicker and lighter data memory calling, sleeper and spawn handling and finishing in wider engine optimizations. 





CASE 2: 1 hour and 45 minutes of average gameplay = RSS 3.5gb to 5.5gb. No clearing.











CASE 3: Memory RSS feed goes from 3,9 GB to 6,5+ (maybe infinity and crash) when restarting continuously (main menu and then continue game). In this output log it happened on a trader . Refilling of quests might be related (current issue/exploit that allows the player to reset the trader quest list by exiting and continuing from the main menu) , but you can also see that spawn and DECO writing in memory ramps up the amount the most and it doesn't clear on restart.




POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Memory should clear completely to a clean slate when going back to the 7dtd main menu from an active gameplay session like you were quiting Steam altogether or at least close to that.



That is all. I hope this helps to handle matters. 

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