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Inquiry: Gun Additions

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Hello there!

There's a game called Call of Duty: Warzone. In this game are dozens of Assault Rifles, Pistols, SMG's, Sniper Rifles. With their own animations, sound effects, graphics, stats, etc. Conveniently, their stats, like damage, are very similar to the current items. I can absolutely use math to calculate proper stat adjustments to work within this game with it feeling natural and balaned. A very simple un-edited example: A Sniper Rifle from Warzone currently does 150 damage; kind of like the base-level hunting rifle doing 100 damage. Hopefully you guys can see what I'm getting at.

I'm wondering why no one has ripped the files from this game and implemented them into 7D2D as a mod, which is perfectly legal. So if there are amazing modders out there, can you get this started? I'm relatively new to the modding scene, having spent the past 3 days making a ghillie suit mod that makes it relevant and perfectly balanced. I think Xcom 2 had a much more understandable code, but 7D2D is very helpful as well, so I can hopefully help if people can point me in the right direction; like, what files would I need to extract from the 100gb's that is Warzone? What xml files would I need to create/modify? Do I need a folder for meshes or graphics? etc. etc.

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My advice to someone who wants to begin modding is to learn the fundamentals of 7D2D modding first.  I found the best way to do this is to reverse engineer mods that do something like you want to do and that will answer all your "what files" and "what folder" question.  You will need to understand Xpath, and there tutorials in the tutorial section of this forum that will guide you.   Ripping and using Unity to repackage and position the guns, then animate them is a whole separate process that comes after xml modding.  There are videos on that too. 

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It's actually NOT legal to rip assets from another game and use them in a mod, if you intend to publish it.

For personal use? Sure. For actual publication? Not at all.

That's why no-one has done it.

As for XML, it's all in items.xml for the guns, and you need unity for the actual meshes, sounds, animations, etc.

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