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Electric Buffs - A19

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This modlet allows you to increase or decrease selective electrical power attributes to match your own specifications.


Download: https://github.com/arramus/Electric-Buffs-A19


Please use the Github download first but if you have issues with installation due to a Github shell folder, here is a simple alternative uploaded to the forum. Electric_Buffs_A19.zip


The current settings provide 400% of default values across multiple settings for generators, batteries, and solar. You can manually change this to decrease or increase default settings to provide a greater or more leisurely challenge. @Ti2xGr was manually editing these values for his Geek Gaming server and this just formalises those actions into a modlet.


What do they all mean? Some are clear and others are more complex. Here are some images to show the clearer ones.


This is the impact of changing OutputPerStack for the battery bank. A level 6 battery changes from 50w to 200w giving a total of 1200w output.

MaxPower appears to impact the total capacity. Default was 400w even though Tier 6 x 6 maxed out at 300w. Maybe this prepared for a future buff or mod?



A single Tier 6 battery shows 200w output potential.



And this reduces to reflect the lower Tier battery with a Tier 5 providing 183w.



Solar power for a Tier 6 solar panel shows a proportional increase from 30w to 120w.



Here is the solar bank loaded with 4 x Tier 6 and 2 x Tier 5 solar panels to give 698w out of a potential of 720w 'MaxPower' setting if they were all Tier 6.



The generator has 'MaxFuel' of 4000 as the image shows. Each engine 'OutputPerStack' is set to 400 but we can calculate this provides 200w per engine.

This does not match the format for batteries and solar panels.




As for 'OutputPerFuel'. This is probably linked to a formula of usage over time.

As for 'MaxPower'. This may well also be linked to total overall output capacity over time.


Battery Bank:

As for 'InputPerTick', 'ChargePerInput', and 'OutputPerCharge', in game these allow the batteries to recharge faster and hold their charge longer. I do not know the calculations for this. An old Wiki post offers the following calculation for default values.



While turned on the battery bank will consume durability from batteries in its slots starting with the top left. These batteries will lose durability at a rate of 4 points per minute per watt. So if your battery bank was producing 45W of power it would use 4*45 = 180 durability per minute.

minutes_of_charge = durability_of_battery / (4*power_usage)



While charging it will consume 5w from the alternate power source (so to charge a battery bank you need system_power_cost+5w). While powered, it will regenerate durability in the battery inside, independent of quality, at a rate of 6 points per second. Batteries are charged in the sequence right to left, bottom to top. A 600 quality battery has 6000 durability so it would take about 16 minutes and 40 seconds to charge making the maximum time taken to fully recharge a battery bank 100 minutes.


If the above values are still relevant, this mod increases these 4 fold. I saw these calculations in the XML files some time ago but couldn't find them after scanning again and can offer no further clarification. If any other community users can offer further clarification, it would be helpful.




<set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='generatorbank']/property[@name='MaxFuel']/@value">4000</set> <!-- X4 of default - Total amount of fuel the generator can hold -->
<set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='generatorbank']/property[@name='OutputPerFuel']/@value">45000</set> <!-- X4 of default-->
<set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='generatorbank']/property[@name='MaxPower']/@value">49000</set> <!-- X4 of default-->
<set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='generatorbank']/property[@name='OutputPerStack']/@value">400</set> <!-- X4 of default - Maximum power output of a single engine -->

<!--Solar Bank-->
<set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='solarbank']/property[@name='OutputPerStack']/@value">120</set> <!-- X4 of default - Maximum power output of a Lvl 6 solar cell -->
<set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='solarbank']/property[@name='MaxPower']/@value">720</set> <!-- X4 of default - Maximum combined output of all solar cells -->

<!--Battery Bank-->
<set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='batterybank']/property[@name='MaxPower']/@value">1600</set> <!-- X4 of default - Maximum combined output of all batteries -->
<set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='batterybank']/property[@name='InputPerTick']/@value">20</set> <!-- X4 of default-->
<set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='batterybank']/property[@name='ChargePerInput']/@value">4</set> <!-- X4 of default-->
<set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='batterybank']/property[@name='OutputPerStack']/@value">200</set> <!-- X4 of default - Maximum power output of a Lvl 6 battery -->
<set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='batterybank']/property[@name='OutputPerCharge']/@value">360</set> <!-- X4 of default-->



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11 hours ago, ArNaLdInHo said:

do you know what the meaning for Battery Bank of thos fields what they do ? :









I've updated the original post with some images to show 'MaxPower' in action, and a formula taken from an old Wiki page. I can't find the formula in the XML files anymore that described these attributes in detail.


In general.

MaxPower appears to be total capacity output allowed at peak.

InputPerTick appears to be amount of energy created over time.

ChargePerInput appears to be the conversion of Input to stored energy for later release.

OutputPerStack is the peak output allowed for a solar cell, battery, or engine. However, there does not appear to be conformity for the engine values.

OutputPerCharge appears to be potential usage over time.


I use appears very broadly because I cannot be sure without official documentation on calculations.


In summary, these buffs will let you power more traps and electrical items for longer. And they will allow you to recharge quicker.


I doubt this answered all of your questions but it may shed light on some of them.

I read in some older posts that too many individual solar panels seemed to cause server performance issues and allowing these increases may help ease that as players will need less solar arrays. I'm not sure if those posts are still valid. If server performance issues are not valid, a server host may wish to reduce these values to increase the challenge and force different strategies.

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33 minutes ago, hawkeye014 said:

i downloaded this mod yesterday and it dosent seem to be working ive even went into the files and changed the setting so it would boost the generator more but nothing changed

this is also my first time moding 7days

The location where this is stored on Github adds a 'shell' folder to the main Mod folder. Can you confirm that you brought the main Mod folder out of the shell folder first and that it is not a Mod folder within a folder?

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Bring it all out of your Mods folder and place the folder that is within the master folder back inside the Mods folder. That master folder sounds like an extra shell from Github. If you are unable to get it working here is a version in here with just a single folder to make it an easier installation.





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