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Adding buffs to exploding barrels


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So im trying to add AOE buffs to the explosive barrels in the game.


I can add the molotov burning buff/effect to some of the barrels, this was simply done by adding the "<property name="Explosion.Buff" value="buffBurningMolotov"/>" to the list of properties.

I have also added radiation damage so when you blow up one of the radioactive barrels, you get hit with the radiation damage over time similar when you walk out of the map- this was done by replicating the code "<property name="Explosion.Buff" value="buffRadiation03"/>" and changed some of the values to increase damage etc and duration etc....


But I want to utilise the "corrosive" damage type that the game has pre-programmed for the acid/plastic barrels by using the built in "<damage_type value=""/>" code they suggested in the buffs.xml file. I also want to implement a armor piercing variable that either ignore or increases damage dealt to armored targets, both of which I have a part working code but always ends up with errors, anyone how to add these properties to the explosions?


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