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Wow, My Character Is Weak When He Takes Spike Damage!


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I've gotten past the other issues with the alpha. This one might be my breaking point though. How can traps be insta-kill? That makes no sense. How does a scratch end up killing you instantly? I get that the spikes were absurd in that you could land on them, essentially impaling yourself, and take minimal damage. Why is it that the UnFun Pimps always take the drastic option of swinging from one extreme to the other? I barely touched barbed wire walking over the edge of it, dead. I jumped onto spike traps after several tests, all which killed me instantly. These two scenarios are not the same. They should not have the same outcome. And for those who'd say "just mod that", it seems to be hard coded. Thanks a lot for that. The damage_received property does nothing when you change it. Still dead, still instant. I agree the penalty for getting caught in traps needs to be severe but death and death penalty is like getting a ticket, jail time, house arrest, and then walking with a ball and chain all for jaywalking. I cleared a complete factory and then died on barbed wire. When barbed wire is deadlier than more than 100 zombies you know that balance has been lost.


I think I'mma still play, but I am definitely going to be annoyed with this bs. My character is a pansy and there's nothing I can do about it.

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I've just tested in a test world. On Insane difficulty and completely naked.

- Barbed wire fence, 1 damage per tick

- Barbed wire, 1 damage per tick

- Wood spikes, 33 damage per tick

- Iron spikes, 33 damage per tick

With Q6 padded set (36 Armour)
- Wood spikes, 21 damage per tick

- Iron spikes, 21 damage per tick

Seems to be working fine to me.

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10 hours ago, Roland said:

OP just wanted to type the phrase "Unfun Pimps" and made up the rest to work that phrase in...

No that was just in frustration. For some reason the game is instantly killing me when I touch spikes. The first time should only have been barbed wire as I was crossing over the barbed wire barrier in the Shotgun Messiah factory offices above the target range and labs. Should have done minimal damage. None of my mods should do that. I'll look them over again, but I'm at a total loss as to how a backpack mod or a loot mod that does nothing to blocks would make this happen.



Oops. This is a case of misdirected frustration. It was a mod. Wanted a less infected type playthrough and downloaded a headshots only mod. Modder added block damage that made traps do insane damage....like 10k damage. I guess the Fun Pimps are less unfun now. 


Don't mind me while I wipe the egg off my face.

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