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Why Native Linux when it is native anyway?

I don't understand why someone cant at the very least make a simple GUI for the config.xml files.

Wake up mofos arm is coming and no room there for petty code. All Code will be Optimized. You see that full stop there right:)

Mmmm.. Please help.


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Minor problems with your message: I simply don't understand what you want (and I am a linux user). And your rant is needlessly embellished with swear words. The former will not garner any useful replies, the latter might get you in difficulties with the mods of this forum.




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Someone's having a "daymare"... ARM came in long ago, it is just some company starts abusing it hard placing it as a main chip for their computers.... It is not the end of the world, but most probably the end for the game, meaning gaming on these new computers. Seriously doubt someone will go and rewrite the code for the games for ARM just cause... There is only one option left for "stub" apprentices - pray Arm will conquer the market and lots of people start switching to ARM based machines, this will increase the market share on this specific platform and actually make it more attractive for devs to develop for this platform. 

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