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Lights Camera EAI Action

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Is it possible to add a raytrace to the player held\worn lighting system
that activates or interacts with EAI for awareness, wake, seek?


Explanation: if you turn on the weapon flashlight a single ray is emitted
if it strikes an entity day or night, the EAI changes to approach that point
of origin, even if the player is in stealth, or hidden. It would simulate
the entity seeing and reacting to light, then temporarily seeking the target.
Basically its the inverse of the thrown rock distraction. If player is in an
elevated position, turns of te light, rapidly the entity approaches spot finding
nothing, then it goes into territorial mode and eventually assumes one of the
sleeping positions.


Presently it seems that only the ambient or environmental light level
has an effect on the player light level that is registered. This is
mainly in regard to sleepers.


Maybe using a flashlight or helmet light can be made to generate a
special type of heat bloom that rapidly progresses to max value and regresses to 0
rapidly, when shut off.


a single Raytrace beam, combined with a rapidly ramping and dissipating heat
bloom may make using specific lighting feel more interactive ingame.


Visually that would mean that EAI would expand the seek to justify random
destruction and relocation say to a random POI. Player indused sound or visibility
from an open surface would override the EAI present task. The entity now apporaches
the player but it noise begins to awaken sleepers to join in the pursuit.


Player placed and used lighting can be used as a distraction
and if not concealed would attract wanderers to the source more effectively or
believably depending on point of view.

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I love this idea and think it would be great in game, I'm just not sure it ranks on the priority list.


I feel like we had something like this at one point, but I don't remember when it was precisely. I definitely have a distinct memory of drawing aggro with light though.

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