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Ideas for the interface

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Just some thoughts I had on the interface (random ideas).


Crafting (Unlock page) - Unlock page currently only shows the parent skill (and/or book), could also indicate the level of a required skill to unlock the item.  Example: to unlock minibike would show "Grease Monkey (2)", motorcycle would show "Grease Monkey (3)".

Or even better, a "Skill (SkillLevelName)" structure like "Salvage Operations (Scavenger)" or "Grease Monkey (Minibike Master)", players can figure out how to unlock that level in the perk tree, but at least they know the level they need to unlock what they want.  This example is almost self evident, but some of the perks and what they impact are less intuitive.



Item details page (eg: weapons/tools) - currently shows what you need to repair the item and what you can scrap it for, add a third line for the perk skill that controls the crafting quality.  Small change, big help in spending perk points wisely without access to a wiki.


[Description text for wrench]

Scrap to get: Iron

Repair with: Repair Kit

Crafting Level: Salvage Operations

or Crafting Skill: Salvage Operations


[Description text for AK-47 Machine Gun]

Scrap to get: Machine Gun Parts

Repair with: Repair Kit

Crafting Level: Machine Gunner



Item details page (eg: blocks) - currently does not indicate the strength of a block you can pre craft. Maybe add a stats page or line to indicate the strength of the block and whether it can be upgraded.  Alternatively, indicate the next level or max level it can be upgraded to).  Also, degradability could be added, but maybe not as useful.  A stats page would allow for a more detailed description of the block and any properties it might have.


Flagstone Block

Durability: 500

Upgradeable: yes (Cobblestone Block)

Degradable: no


Rebar Frame

Durability: 100

Upgradable: yes (Reinforced Concrete Block)

Degradable: no



Food details (cooking) - add a 'stats' page for each recipe to show its food value and other details while in the cooking screen (using the firepit).  This will allow players that have multiple choices to make informed decisions at a glance to get the desired results.  Example: is Shepherds Pie better than Steak and Potato's or Bacon and Eggs?  Have to exit the cooking screen to find out, then go back in to cook it.  Another example would be Charred Meat, Boiled Meat, Grilled Meat: all give the same food value (10), but boiled meat also gives hydration (10), none of which is visible in the cooking screen.



Ammo selection: currently if you have two or more ammo types available for a weapon and you run out of one you have to manually switch to anther type (it just stops reloading).  It might be beneficial to automatically switch to a cheaper ammunition type (with an onscreen message) when you run out of a more expensive type (eg: AP to HP to regular).  Possibly best to make it a setting the player can toggle on/off in settings in case they prefer manual control ("Ammo switch on empty: manual/cheaper/any").



Crafting (looking up purchase only items) - non-craftable items like Solar Cells should be listed, but should be clearly indicated as "Only purchasable from a traders secret stash. Requirement: Better Barter (Wall Street Tycoon)".  This way the player knows about it and how to unlock it.

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