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Unable to open containers

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Currently playing on a server and day 20 with a group of friends.  Starting tonight we went to raid a large crack a book on the default map in the snow area and I found myself unable to open any container.  I was still able to shoot, repair, enter/exit vehicle, etc but unable to open any container.  No other player in my group had this issue including one on the same network as me.


  • First attempt to resolve was exiting the server and logging back in.  Doing this the first time I was briefly able to access containers again but after doing 3-4 it broke again.  Further attempts to drop/join the server did not help.
  • Next I totally closed the game all together without any change.  Then I rebooted my PC with again no change.
  • Searched a variety of places for people with this similar issue going back many versions but with no proven solution.


The admin rebooted the server for us and for a brief time I had no issues again.  However after about 15min the issue came back again.  My next attempts got a little more involved.


  • I deleted the game and all supporting folders on my machine.  After reinstalling rejoined the server and was still unable to access containers.
  • I tried to launch the game without EAC but the server we play on requires it.
  • I validated my newly installed files with Steam.
  • I launched a local game and played for a few minutes without the issue.  More testing is likely needed here.
  • I logged into a random empty server and ran around for about 5 minutes looting stuff without issue.
  • I checked my event viewer and found nothing related to the game.
  • Checked my AV log and saw nothing remarkable there.


I am asking for the admin to send me the logs from the server but in the mean time here is a link to my log file from my last game attempt.  https://pastebin.com/mWK8Ry0z


Would appreciate any help that can be provided.  Please let me know if there are any additional details I can add.

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6 hours ago, GreasyMullet said:

- I logged into a random empty server and ran around for about 5 minutes looting stuff without issue.

also this you said

- Just attempted to log into the server from another laptop and experienced the same issue.


this 2 sentences tells me all i need to know as the issue is on the server itself and most likely your player file on the server are corrupted. unless there is a backup of your player data, then most likely need to delete your character and files completely or migrate to a new server that you can play on.



important note: i am not saying that is the 100% answer or fix, but it stands out as the most obvious.


good luck and hope someone can help you.

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Well this one has gone from bad to worse.  The server admin tried to revert to a backup save and now nobody can join the server.  I get a message that says "ArgumenException: An item with the same key has already been added.  Key:  Exploration"


Here is the log from the server since the restore.  After trying several backups, we went back 2 weeks ago to the oldest backup on the server from our first day.  Here is the server log.  https://pastebin.com/yS1MrhbT

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