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Localized Infestations (late game content)

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Was cruising around in my 4x4 doing a bit of exploring and lamenting on the late-game sameness... Day 54, level 51 and basically invulnerable, have most of the good loot, what now?


Here's a thought: randomly generated, timer-based infestations of towns and cities. This event can happen from day 1, it picks a handful of cities and/or towns across the map and deems them "infestation sites; basically zombie hot-zones. In these zones, there are more zombies per sqft, the zombies are more aggressive in general (damage/speed), there are awful (new) boss-like zombies unique to these zones, loot quality is notched up AND... there are unique items and/or quality levels (7?) only to be found in these regions.


When a player discovers an infestation site it is on a timer which will revert back to normal in a number of weeks. Or, the player can locate and clear a number of objectives (yet to be named) which are fiercely guarded by the worst of the unique mobs, resulting in a major xp and loot reward and the reverting of the region back to a normal state.


This type of global event would give us all interesting things to do up in the latter levels!


And maybe some of these super nasty unique mobs wander into neighboring towns for some mayhem and destruction, giving the player a hint that there's an infestation nearby. Maybe infested towns have green fog too? Worms? Maggots? Slime? Possibilities are endless!

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before the performance hit the bucket, the first point you mentioned about more zombies, were the wasteland cites, there was endless swarms of zombies, but they had to tone it down when it simply started to lag in newer versions

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