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Sprint in all directions to return, but different.

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I would like to see Sprint in all Movement Directions to return.


Not as it used to be, but a minor movement boost when holding the sprint button, would feel more normal.


Locking it to forward motion does not really make sense.


People argue "you cannot sprint backwards" which is a stupid rebuttal, you can, it's not really hard. :f You can't go as fast as you can moving forward, but you can still go faster than walking speed.. not to mention strafing..



Perhaps the Parkour skill can allow the player to use 'sprint' in the 5 remaning directions, allowing a faster movement speed than just 'walk speed'. 20% more at level 1, 40% at 3, and 60% at 5.


If Walk = 100% and Sprint = 300%, perhaps using 'sprint' in backward motion would be 160% speed.

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