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I'm addicted. Some ideas.

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Don't even wanna sleep, just wanna explore the world these guys have created. I've less than 48 hours on my belt, but, man... This game is so fun, and I wish I had more than one awesome friend to play with.


I know there's loads of things the devs have on their plate before listening to a little survivor like myself, and I'm sure these ideas aren't original at all, but here 's two that I think would be absolutely awesome for everyone:
1) The Railings in the game; so awesome. I cannot emphasize how useful it is to be able to shoot through the bars and hit zombies, BUT, there is a big issue with them: When you zoom in with a weapon, even if you're looking through the bars, your character will tunnel vision on the railing. So while it is helpful in being able to shoot through "safely," your targets are most likely always blurred. Try it out! Just make a railing, look at a tree or house or anything through the bars, and it'll focus on the bars instead of your actual center of focus.

2) Animal Husbandry. THIS is a lot to ask, and there's loads of other things that are for sure more important than another perk, but... I was very shocked to see I could make a motorcycle or a SUV, but not ride a horse (I don't think they're in the game, so how about a stag?). I see birds nests everywhere for eggs, and I can't create a little roost and catch some chickens? Wolves are a thing; and man they must be desperate for companionship seeing as how often they're trying to get into my home. Wish I could tame a few and have them guard my house instead, or get my back if zombs attack whilst I harvest wood or ore. I think animal husbandry would be the next best perk to add to this game, hands down. It'd "add" more wildlife, "add" more buildings, "add" more dynamics and depth.

That's all I've got so far, and please please please, if any devs read this, don't ruin my Hanging Gardens or Hanging Forests. I'll share it someday, but I really believe it should be applicable in release. Gotta keep it vague.

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Regarding your point #1, i believe that is a setting you can turn off. Maybe dof?


For #2, the issue with adding companions is performance. The game has to run acceptably for both single player and multiplayer (currently supported for 8 people i believe). Adding companions with advanced ai for 8 people eats into the amount of zombies and in the future bandits that can be in the world.


Many people already feel like there are not enough zombies in the world, so it is a concern. With that said, they are currently working on a drone which will sort of act as a companion. We will just have to wait and see how things go.


Welcome to the world of 7dtd, and may your journey be safe and happy!

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Breeding has been discussed and its not in their plans, not even fishing. They have much other things to priorize. Breeding and having pets need complex and elaborate coding and programming and the focus is oriented on what's already in the game.

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I love your second idea! Taming wolves as a trait/book, having a farm with animals would be amazing! Especially if it spawned wolves, coyotes and vultures to occasionally attack it, like a wandering horde, but for your farms. Maybe even a zombie bear eventually. 

Hopefully one day we can get farms with animals!

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