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Gun for the Truck

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Hi, I don't often come here, so I'm sorry if this topic has already been discussed elsewhere. And I will certainly not take credit for this idea, because I've heard it floated around a couple of times before. If you didn't guess what I'm talking about from the title, I was wondering about the possibility of adding a gun to the back of the 4x4 truck. With Alpha 19's 'you-can't-just-plow-through-me with-your-truck' kind of hordes, this could be a real game changer. If your base gets destroyed or you're caught out in the horde for any reason, just stick a friend on the back have 'em go to town. When I didn't manage to get back to my base before the horde the other night, I started to realize just how useful and cool something like this could be.


I've been hearing that Alpha 20 is supposed to introduce vehicle mods. Has anyone heard if this is gonna be one of them?

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