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Question about map generation


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I started a map in 19.0 on a dedicated server and played it until recently.  I would occasionally create the map on my pc and then move the map data over to my computer to test a few things out.  After the 19.2 release the map no longer generates the same.  The map generates but when I put in my map data the world is messed up.  For example the streets are covered in grass and there is a mountain in the middle of my hometown lol.  If I set my game back to 19.0 would this cause the map to generate like it used to or is that version of the map forever gone?  

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38 minutes ago, Psychodabble said:

It's well known that old maps do weird things in new versions. You SHOULD get your map back if you roll back your version, but I have to ask, why? What's so special about that map?

My wife and I have been playing on that map since 19.0 came out and are on around day 167.  We've been working on building a base and were getting close to finishing it but couldn't before the end of our sub for the server.  I'm hoping I can get the map working again so we can continue working on it.  


Reverting back to 19.0 still generates the same map that the current build generates as well sadly.  I guess that version of the map is forever lost.  

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