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Dual Door placement query (cosmetic)

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Note: this is purely for cosmetic reasons, I'm not trying to achieve any functional objective.


I am trying to place two doors side by side such that the hinges are on the outsides and they face/open the same direction, but I can only seem to place them with the hinges on the same side (left).  The objective is to have a two by two block wide opening with the doors opened along the walls and in the same orientation.  When closed the doors should look like they meet in the middle (handles in middle).  I can achieve the desired orientation with hatches mounted to the walls, but I want to do it with doors...just because.

So far I can only find a rotation where one door is facing in and the other out and they swing open in opposite directions.  Looks terrible.

I was hoping one of the rotation options would allow to rotate the door along the z axis, but no luck. (where axis x = left/right, y = up/down, z = front/back)

Ideally the door frames would be on the walls so there is no frame 'post' in the middle.


Is this a possible configuration?  If so, how might it be achieved (what surface to look at, what to do)?

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It can be done, its not perfect but it can be done

chucked together a small vid to show


2 Doors


1 door on one side (right wall), is normal, the other (left wall) is rotated "upside down" and placed on opposite wall facing , it gives the "effect",

they dont match perfectly but when upgraded to iron doors they look better

Steel doors get funky in the middle


This is the closest we can get, until there are 2 "opposite" doors in game


whats actually happening is when the doors are "open", they both "act" to show a door is closed infront of you and still stops movement


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