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Can someone educate me plz? This unturned game that everyone is talking about now, is this a TFP game? I haven't watched gameplay lately but the last time i watched, it was exactly, and I mean exactly like 7D2D but just painted Roblox color. It had the same zombies, the same weapons, the same leveling mechanics, the same POIs and I'm pretty sure the same exact maps. It was a complete rip off of 7D2D. And then this tuber, Jade pg, does a review of it and starts comparing it to DayZ. I almost lost my @%$# LOL. DayZ, DUDE! have you never seen 7D2D. Unturned is an exact copy. Looks like they may have added some diff maps now but definitely still a complete ripoff of 7D2D. All this media coverage of the "new" unturned zombie game and not one mention of 7D2D have I seen. TFP oughta sue their pants off. unless I'm completely out of the loop and they made it.

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Yeah, everything with zombies is a clone of 7d2d, because TFP was the inventor of zombies.


I don't know if you even took a closer look on Unturned? Besides there are zombies in the game, there is NOTHING like 7d2d. There is absolutely no tower defense aspect, afaik you can't even build or modify the world there (it's not even a voxel game). Not mentioning the completely different graphics style.

If you see it in such a naive way, i could also say 7d2d is just a clone of minecraft. Where minecraft and 7d2d are much closer to each other than Unturned is.

Basically the youtuber you watched is right: Unturned plays more like DayZ/Rust or even Pubg then like 7d2d.


There are various other survival games with zombies and even tower defense aspects, like subsistence, night of the dead, but they all don't have a voxel engine, where you can really modify everything in the world just like you want to.

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