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Xtreme Gaming 
Server Side Mods (no download required)
Custom Zombies
Custom Weapons
New Player Starter Kit
Safe Zone (Lobby)
Public Bloodmoon Base
Nitrogen Map (8k) with big cityes
42 New Colours For Your Outfit
Moded Junk Turret
Vehicle Mods
5 New Different Vehicles (craftable)
15 New Different Lights (craftable)

Everyone's welcome to play, doesn't matter from where you are we will use translation mode to create a communication bridge.
We don't accept racism 
Our target is to bring a unique experience to all players, and make them feel important.
Even if you never played this game before or never tried a multiplayer game, we are here to offer support and items if necessary. 


Many Thanks to


Server Tools Team 










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Something like that 😁 , is meant to give players a proper challenge and it doesn't matter if you are a noob or a pro . There is always something to do and survive

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This is for 7 Days To Die ..... Look at the YouTube video i posted and if you like the game then visit 

www.xtreme-gaming.co.uk for direct connection ( don't use the ip and port i provided in the old posts )

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