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The Bear Den - Fire Station 7 Base

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We are now approaching day 63, about level 180, game stage 284.  It won't get much harder than this now.


We moved the roof top garden to ground level.  You can see Trader Bob's place across the field.  The white elevated cage in the parking lot is our horde kill zone.   When we are in the cage the zombies mostly leave our living space alone, but we leave the doors open so they can more easily path to the kill cage.


Motion sensors auto open garage doors when we arrive home, and two sensors inside, facing down, see when we are a couple feet from the back doors ready to leave. 


We have four independent power lines,

A. solar on timed relay for lighting,

B. generator to battery box for base defense (fences, SMG turrets) ,

C. one line for only garage sensors to garage doors. 

D. a separate generator, and battery box for powering the horde kill cage (6 fence lines, 5 blade traps, 2 shotguns looking upwards for vultures). 


Day 56 we had dozens of demos and ended up with a few craters in the asphalt, but it repairs quickly.  We ended up building a 2 plate high box inside the cage to stay out of sight of the cops.  



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How was the horde ? Did your base stand it ?


Im watching on youtube a great 7days channel : Neebs Gaming :) it is a group of real idiots noobs playing this game :):):) sometimes i dont understand how it is possible to die so often in this game :) i haven´t die in this game so many times from alpha 15 up as they die in 1 single episode i think :) but i like those, because they are good entertainming :) watching them from a17 i think or a16 they started...

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