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Docker anyone?

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So, from what I have read 8 players is the max for online play. Anything more than that and it results in performance issues, in turn horde nights having a very low spawn limit (4 or 5). I'm wondering if I can get around the 8 player limit by utilizing docker... What I am thinking is, setting up a container volume for the map and any other shared data, then setting up containers that would run multiple server instances for up to 8 players all referencing the shared volumes and having each container talk to one another. I'm wondering if this even possible or if anyone has attempted it? I found a git repo that allows you to deploy 7 Days to docker and I was able to successfully run a server on docker but haven't really tried going past that. I would like to know if there are any limitations in doing this? I'm pretty new to docker and I am undertaking this to learn more about it. Also, I am wondering if layering on a map can be implemented. Maybe only serving parts of a map that have players in it? So many questions.


That big thing I am looking at though breaking past the 8 player limit utilizing docker and multiple containers? Thoughts?

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