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Optional NO PvP at Trader

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Didn't play online in a while. Now I started on PvP server where the rule is: no pvp at traders.

So its kinda up to the players not to shoot others at the trader. For the admin its some work to deal with rule brakers. Players have to record, edit and upload videos.


Maybe an option for servers would be nice to make traders a no-pvp area and an option to define the size of the no-pvp area, up to a maximum (so you dont make the whole map no-pvp). Maybe it can be modded but maybe it would be easier for server hosters to implement this into the game.


aswell as a delay when leaving the trader area (a few minutes or a certain distance / configurable) to become vulnerable again against other players who camp the trader.

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I am wondering how they would adjust it so players couldn't exploit that as an advantage. I mean you could find the end of the protected area and camp there and shoot and kill players just outside the protected area while you are just inside it. Not saying it is a bad idea, just not sure how to make it fair for everyone for now.

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i can only remember from wow as i do not do pvp but they have it set so you cant do pvp or dueling at certain areas by putting in code that disables attacking of any type... drawback is, its based on zones and someone can stand outside of the zone and still attack another player via long range weapons. especially since we have the ability to see others at a longer range.


so regardless, unfortunately there will always be someone who will find a way around these ideas.

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