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Auto Miner


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I just tryed to add the autominer mod from here:




It gives me Null Referenz Exception and in the posts under it it seems to crash with other UI Mods. I use a 3 forge slot and 60 slot backpack change (not by modlet, direkt in xml)

Also i googled for "7 days to die A19 mining mod" and it seems there is nothing as alternative.


Is it my error to dont get this work with actuall version? You have a working version for me?




edit: Sry for the monolog i do here but i read the wrong posts. The posts under the link i posted has the lolution in it.


To make it compatible with a19, you have to edit these files:


In those two files, you need to change every meleeToolAuger to meleeToolPickT3Auger


I did it and it worked. Easy with Notepad++ and the CTRL+F replace function.


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