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Snufkin Weapons Xpansion (A19 - Stable)

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Here is an update for the Snufkin Weapons Xpansion Mod.


Download: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Weapons-Xpansion-A19-Stable-2020Nov22


The changes are as follows:


1. Additional Hat/Clothing/Friend Mods.


Rabbit Friend - (Damage to entities, Strength, Damage resistance, and heat/cold resistance)



Snake Friend - (Increase in strength and fall bracing)



Vulture Friend - (Jump strength increase and jump stamina loss reduction weighted with walk and run speed reduction)



With localization.



2. As these 7 Mods have been added to hardened chest loot boxes along with the weapons, the probability of finding an Xpansion item has been increased from 0.2 to 0.25 while the probability of the type of item found remains exactly the same. This will ensure a slightly increased chance of finding something since there are so many more items added from the original mod settings.


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59 minutes ago, Slawa said:

Epic xD.


Btw. does that attach funtion works on trees?


xmas tree with candy weapons and a santa hat on top :p...

I believe it would. The only issue is attaching multiple candy weapons to the same tree. For weapons there seems to be soooo many parts to attach to but other things are really limited.

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1 hour ago, kdthehun said:

How about a Rudolf?
Stag with red (light) nose and santa hat or bag. (Too bad the drop bag is yellow and not red...)
Lootable after kill.



Interesting and from other animal mods and attachment capability, very possible. The drop bag could always be switched with a simple sack which I have seen taking a color.

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17 hours ago, kdthehun said:

How about a Rudolf?
Stag with red (light) nose and santa hat or bag. (Too bad the drop bag is yellow and not red...)
Lootable after kill.



Oh you sweet little timid animal. What have people done to you? Take this tasty morsel.










It has potential.

The Paindeer.

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A small update based on a request from @Donmegawatt to counteract the effects of Mantis narcotics through wearing a mod hat. This hat also counteracts the effects of the Banshee scream, Parasite leach, and Archon self buff.


Download here: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Weapons-Xpansion-A19-2021Jan21


Speaker Hat Mod



Impervious to Banshee scream



Mantis narcotics



And Parasite leach.



They will most certainly continue to cause damage, just without their special attack.


A meeting of heads.



In addition, this was also a chance to tweak the loot boxes to reflect the additional hat and ensure everything remained functional in 19.4(b3)

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