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Motorboats and sea zombies

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Personally I think we should add boats, and automated boats, also sea zombies that can pull you under, damage you. And also take away oxygen faster till you drown, it'd make the game kinda scary, and add a new biome that is like a flooded swamp, and it's foggy, though with good loot, this would make the game kinda scary and diverse


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A swamp biome would be cool.


As far as sea zombies .... well the swimming faster than than an Olympic swimmer ones on speed they have now are already pretty comical  (and not in a good way). But that's just my opinion.


Maybe if someone stayed in the water long enough with a boat then more and more vultures could start showing up. If people are worried about others finding an "easy out" to horde night.

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There was a swamp biome, way back.  Got removed when Pine Forest did.  It wasn't as robust as you want, but it was basically a wet biome, only a block or two above sea level, usually, with lots of patches of water.  And it had this cool mosquito-buzzing ambient background noise.


But a true swamp biome, where water is frequently 1/2 to 1 block deep in large patches, and lots of crawlers spawn that you can't see easily in the water, and a new tree type with Spanish moss hanging down and preventing good LOS on anything very far away?  That'd be cool.

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