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1 hour ago, beHypE said:

Having lots of zeds in the cities would not only make it more fun but it would also bring some challenge to what is currently a day 1 lootville ! It used to be "logical" in some way, concentrated loot area = hard area. Back in the days we looted isolated houses and small towns, but a hub city ? Better be ready for that. Right now, there's no reason not to head towards the biggest city nearby on day 1, and it kinda kills any sense of area progression and makes all those isolated POIs / smaller towns a waste of time, not an opportunity.


The best of all would be a dynamic POI concentration spawn filter. 1 isolated house, 1 or 2 roaming zeds. 4 POIs nearby ? A whole bunch of zeds. A rural area with shops and whatnot ? Mirrions ! 

I doubt that would be possible due to performance reasons. As an alternative, how about higher gamestage nighttime spawns? If you don't want to encounter feral wights or the odd cop, for example, running on your heals or stalking outside of bedroom window, then you could simply live elsewhere. (I doubt this would be possible through code though; it sounds too specific.)

Edit: I suppose the closest we could come to your suggestion above is a zombie slider where the player dictates the number of zombies that can spawn in one's world. Each time you adjust it a warning pop up, notifying the player of possible performance hits if their rig isn't of semi-impressive quality.

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