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Alpha 20 Dev Diary


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3 minutes ago, jorbascrumps said:


Watch the dev streams, they've already shown it.

Ah Crap  That's what night shift does to your ability to know important stuff!

I need to retire I reckon... For gaming purposes :)


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5 hours ago, MajorMunchy said:

Question: not sure if answered, but are Pipe weapons considered Tier 0 weapons? 




Tier 0 - Stone age / primitive / pipe / where blunderbuss used to be

Tier 1 -  Iron age , think Double barrel shotgun, Iron pick etc

Tier 2 - Steel age, think pump shotgun, steel pick etc

Tier 3 - modern age, think auto shotgun, auger, chainsaws etc


So shotgun goes pipe -> double barrel -> pump -> auto for the 4 age span


Edit: Actually, did the bow get updated? Crappy bow -> Wooden Bow -> Compound Bow 


Bow and Crossbow both seem to be missing several stages AFAIK

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On 9/18/2021 at 11:53 PM, littlegreen said:


I'm not quite sure that's the case at 3440x1440 ... besides, my CPU activity usually resides in the 70% usage area with browsers, Discord and a few other apps open in the background (streaming in Discord as well)... while playing the game.


The thing is, I get more than decent FPS during normal gameplay, but during horde nights with all the models and textures around the bases we build - especially during night, when light reflections factor in etc, frames very often dip down to below 60 which on a 144hz screen does not feel nice...

It is correct. 1080p is very CPU bound.

Also, maybe DONT run the game on ultra? I use a mix of medium and high settings on an i7-10700K and 2070 Super and get 50+ FPS on horde night, on a 144hz gsync screen (with 32 zombies, and an overhaul mod. Usually sits around 70fps with 12 zombies)

So if it doesn't look nice on your screen, you don't have gsync on. Turn it on.

On 9/19/2021 at 5:21 PM, faatal said:

This is a Unity issue. New gfx tech tends to only be supported by their HDRP (hi def render pipeline), which we don't plan to use because it would be a large time consuming rewrite of our graphics code. Next game we hope to use HDRP.


I play at 4k on a 2070 at around 55 FPS, but use the High preset. 1440p would be 70+ FPS. Ryzen 3900. Your CPU could be the bottleneck.

This reminds me that I need to test 7DTD on my new rig. I was getting about the same FPS as you at 1440p on medium with a 980ti and Ryzen 7 2700X.

Will be interesting to see how the 2080ti and i9-10850K with 5.2/5.1ghz overclock will do. :)

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