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Alpha 20 Dev Diary


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50 minutes ago, Quagmire1428 said:

I'm probably way more excited than i should be for dynamic imposters. i just really hope that makes it into A20 :)

Dynamic imposters are in for A20. Player alterations to the terrain and buildings as well as player forts are represented in distant terrain. It is awesome in the extreme. 

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50 minutes ago, Burrfly said:

Not to be annoying in any way, just curious, but does "soon" (for the dev stream) mean this month, or... later..?


Honestly, it means this month or later. I suspect it could be this month but you just never know. It isn't scheduled on the internal calendar if that is what you'd like to know. They are talking about doing it and agreeing with each other that it is time to start showing stuff so that makes me think sooner rather than later. But there is no commitment to a date yet (not even secretly) so....anything is possible given their schedules and how time flies by when you're busy optimizing code, level designing POI's, fixing bugs, and remodeling zombies.


I, personally, think there is plenty that could be shown today that is in good working order! And I'd show it myself if I was ready to be fired. ;)

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10 minutes ago, jeromeN7 said:

@faatalCould you, or could you get someone, to post some more screenshots of something interesting in A20, please. New textures and models, cool random gen terrain, anything... Also, is the pump action shotgun even going to be updated?

How about grass? Shawn was working on grass, right? 😄

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9 hours ago, Annihilatorza said:

1. What are you Currently working on?

2. Can you maybe post a screen shots of the new City Generation/ RWG?

3. Any on idea streaming dates?

4. With Streaming dates can we have some in Uk/Europe Timezones, 3 am is a bit early :)

5. Is there anything we can do as the community to help you guys out?

1 Last 3 days has been block placement stability colors not working with multiblocks. Today is falling blocks using world space UVs (from previous shader changes) causing the block to swim through the texture, but also cleaning up falling block code (not looked at that before).


2 Eventually


3 We just announced Sept 8


4 Probably not. Lathan likes to stream in the evening, but it could happen


5 ?? I want it out as much as the players, but not until it be good!

2 hours ago, dcsobral said:

How about grass? Shawn was working on grass, right? 😄

I was. Mesh generation and collider changes.


Justin just committed a bunch of grass and plant texture/shader/settings changes, so getting there.

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1 hour ago, faatal said:

New plant changes (not finished):


Finished or not, this already looks a million times better than what's in the game right now. That's really great, the plant textures were probably my biggest pet peeve about the game. Justin deserves a raise. :)

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5 hours ago, bdubyah said:

Grass looks good! I like. :)


You said all non trees. Will they get some love too? Or just not for a20? I feel like there could be some FPS gained with better trees from what I've seen from a couple of those m-words.

Trees will probably not change any more in A20 other than whatever changes happened over the last year.

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