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Alpha 20 Dev Diary


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23 minutes ago, Khalagar said:

Streams are live and I've had them check the drone stuff and I see why the devs never answered for the last year as it was as I feared =(


Answer for anyone curious is . . . intellect and robotic perk investment do not effect drone in any way. So a level 1 player with a drone is the exact same as a level 50 player with 10 intellect and all robotic perks and magazines. Seems weird to me that the attributes defining t3 capstone is not uniquely buffed for the attribute investment, since currently every build will just have a drone following them for "free" (perk investment wise). There's no reason for every build *not* to have the drone follow them, and they will all be the same as someone who fully invested into the attribute


I'm confused on why the patch notes say Drone is affected by attribute, so far nothing in the GUI shows any buff to drone and Jonah spawned one in at level 3 and it was fully functional and ready to go and QB1 read through all the magazine and intellect attribute stuff and nothing said anything about improving the drone


I bet that will change.  Int is weak with little reason to stay in it for more than a few days Mid-Late game.

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15 minutes ago, unholyjoe said:

drone was redone to be basically a small pack mule for the player.. not something to make anyone over powered. so you basically have him/her follow you during a poi raid and fill it up as you go. :) enjoy... its not an air mounted turret weapon.


dont forget to ask it for a heal if you have medicated bandages in its inventory and it can give you light if you have the mod, or a mod that gives you a small heal over time when near it automatically.

But isn't it supposed to be under the INT tree? What benefit do INT players get with the drone that others don't?


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