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Alpha 20 First Look Stream Event


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Tonight at 9pm Central is the next installment of the Developer Stream series. Please tune in to see members of our development team talk about Alpha 20 for the first time and establish some of the projects that will be involved with it.





For those who can't make the event live tonight there will be a link to the youtube video posted right here in this thread once the recording has been uploaded.


See you tonight in the chat!


Here is the recorded stream!



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Summary - paraphrased and abbriveiated, watch the stream to hear what was said.


New Random Gen

Vehicle Mods

New shapes menu

Dynamic impostors

Distant updated terrain and terrain performance

Ferral sense setting

Biome progression

Full new set of pipe weapons (eg pipe pistol, pipe machine-gun)

Trader progression

Water rework (performance and appreance and glitchy stuff) ed's note: mm did not actually say water will flow downhill but one can hope...

Fine-tune Loot progression and gamestage improvements based on game-sparks data

Character overhaul

Environment art

More POIs

AI and sleeper tool improvements

Zeds will be able to crawl through a 1-block hole

Wandering sleeper zeds!!!! (roamers within a POI)

Ambient music improvements

Animation improvements

Quest navigation improvements

Varied Supply quest improvements

Restore power quest!?!!!


Replacement of UMA system with in-house character system

All clothing will have some kind of armor rating

Doing away with Clothing and replacing it with armor outfits

Completion bonus for wearing a full set

Eg farmer's outfit gives chance to harvest extra from crops.

Eg Lumberjack gets bonuses with axe

Eg Miner outfit lowers stamina usage with pickaxes, havest increased, etc

Eg nerd crafts items with better stats, gains more XP, increased damage from robotic weapons


Radiation damage, and healing from it (mentioned along with the Nomad outfit) in the wasteland

Nomad boots climb faster up hills

Nomad full set bonus is 20% bartering bonus

Scavenger helmet allows you to see what you can harvest from blocks

Scavenger full set gives 20% bonus to loot



Q&A stuff:


Jiggle tech on the new nurse's Jaw

MM sees no reason why the drone can't be in A20


Story line will probably be added when going gold

Dual carry: NO.


All the old zeds are getting redone or deleted

Bandits mentioned...?


The ETA for A20 is (wait for it)... when it's done.


Veicle mods includes Expanded seating, Coloring (tints) on vehicles, 

Probably not doing logic gates for electricity ever (Nathan thinks it is super complex) (Sorry Nathan I had to say that don't hate me)


Maybe letting users build decorations eg coffee pots


Outfits may include an outfit memory to streamline swapping between outfits.


Harvesting on vehicles is being optimised - so no more model swapping

Vehicles getting a PBR make-over.

Motorcycle, Gyro and 4x4 getting multiple seating capacity mods


No horse or Llama.  Disappointment for us all.


Loot slider may be added

M60 turret and Flamethrower turret is not on the roadmap

Lockingpick of doors NO, but maybe locked desks and locked filing cabinets in the future.

Doors breaking down won't switch material between wood and metal


Multiple quests per tier (allowing you to go back to lower tier quests if you want)

No new book series are being planned at this time


Clothing willnot show up on arms in FP view


No tier 5 burried suply quests, tier 3 Yes.


Hawaiian guy update:  Gasser Zombie who will choke the player when he is near him without a gas mask


No parachute (use Oh-@%$#z drops)


There will be AI improvements (there normally is in every alpha)


There will be no new high-rise POIs


New farm-plot comming in A19 ?? (block model improved)

Iron sights are being worked on and all weapon models may still get replaced


No to animal taming / farming


Will Rekt be killable?  No. (awwww)


After tier 5 quests there may possibly be increased difficulty on T5 quests (infestation quests)


Random encouters is not currently being worked on.


There will not be a zip-line.


A20 is not the final Alpha for PC.


TFP is working directly with unity on performance getting support from Unity on that.
















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