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Snufkin's Community Pack Server Side Vehicles

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18 hours ago, danu said:


Experienced this while trying this mod. its like 3 vehicles in one, is there a fix for this?

This is something that we are unable to resolve at the moment as it's linked to default game code, optimisation, and game tick.


One workaround is to put the vehicle back in your backpack to refresh and try to place it again.

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On 12/22/2020 at 2:33 PM, morggin said:

Just tried to add the mod to my server today (which just updated to 19.3 (b6) but dosn't appear to work with 19.3 yet.


 Okay ... i got it working, i had to download the Snufkin-CommunityPack-ServerSideVehicles-A19-2020Dec19-master.  This appears to indeed be working with A19.3 (b6).  Thanks for your hard work guys !!


This should work great with my Island map






Been using with your map for awhile. Works great. NICE Map. (I made the flying vehicles much more expensive to craft esp. the shark to limit use to later game. But even then I had a drone bus crafted by day 50)

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I have this mod on my server and all the players have it on their clients too but no one sees any special textures for anything, ie the PeNa blimp


Edit: our bad. the texture/model is just fine once it's placed

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Hi guys,


The mods great we are running it currently on our Philippine's server. We are also seeing what we have dubbed the "Doppel ganger" effect @danu is reporting but we also see it whilst the vehicle is in motion sounds like thats something that cant be fixed which is a shame. The other error we are seeing is player seeing the wrong model such as in the screenshot below where one player see's the battle bus but the other is seeing the 4x4



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8 hours ago, OwlWolfe said:

Like completely delete them from the xml?

And !----- is a chat command?

Completely delete the recipes.xml code relating to the specific vehicle you would like to remove from your World.


Or comment out the code using the <!--     --> additions as were proposed for commenting out the Banshee.


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A small but important update for the Shark Blimp.


Download here: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-CommunityPack-ServerSideVehicles-A19-2021Feb25


The Shark Blimp was added as a novelty vehicle but has become one of the most popular. Default is low cost to produce at an early stage of the game and allows players to traverse the World with quite a lot of ease.


One issue that has been reported on numerous occasions is that it can periodically starting rocking and spinning on servers which have high player counts, network challenges, or high ping. The Shark Blimp was built around the 'Joke Blimp' model which has this rocking feature built into it.






A workaround was to replace the 'Joke Blimp' base model with a 4x4. The 4x4, as can be seen with the Drone Battle Bus, flies very stabley with minimal rocking.

In addition, the Shark Blimp has been given a brighter fixed light due to the 4x4 headlights being available and a larger storage capacity.


The most notable changes will be:

- The Shark Blimp will feel a little bouncier when landing.

- The Shark Blimp may remain a little more above ground surface when parked.

- There will be a dramatic reduction in spinning and instability. It will not be totally eradicated as you will see if you hit a tree, but it will be more the exception.


Cosmetically, the Shark Blimp looks exactly the same.



However, at night the light will be noticably more functional at close range.



And more useful, but no overpowered, at a distance.



A second small addition is better passenger placement for the Hell Piggy to ensure the passenger is directly behind the rider.


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