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Craft Windows


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This mod will let you craft all of the other windows that are in the game that you currently can't craft.  I got tired of setting up in a place and not being able to make it look nice.  So survive in style and enjoy.  This includes wood, brick, and concrete arch windows, and all of the variants of the store windows including open, normal glass, and bulletproof glass.


Server side friendly.  just drop in and go.


If you have any issues, please let me know.


Change Log:

V1.0 - A19 - Initial Release



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Hello, I just found this mod, and am loving it! I did have one issue though, I cannot for the life of me find or figure out how to get the window arches. Maybe I'm over looking something or I don't know what, but if some feedback could help, I would appreciate it greatly. 

Also, wanted to commend your amazing work on this mod.

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