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How do I make it Night 24/7

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I want to mod the xml file or learn to make a mod to make it nighttime 24/7, or install one already made any info would be great, as it stands the game will let you do 12 day 12 night, I want to be able to set that to 24 night 0 day

thank you

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There are a couple of modlets to do this. On my modlet page: Doughs Modlets

there's a "One Hour of Daylight" modlet, which allows you to select (before starting a  game) down to 0 hours of daylight.  There's also: claymores modlets

which has a "MORE OPTIONS" modlet that has this option and even more in the loading screen.


Additionally: there's this, donovan-nightfog for some "heavy fog" , but I've noticed that the heavy fog will obscure the night sky.  Its a 1 line modlet so you can just tweak it for coming in only at night, or only in the day.


Also: I have several other "make it darker" modlets you might want to try out to make night darker, and darker inside, and nerf getting flashlights, etc. I've found in my own games, I like to have 2-4 hours of daylight specifically because:

- Its prettier in the daytime

- You have more zombie run/walk options to choose from

- If you get trapped, or are in the middle of nowhere, and you have them walk/less dangerous in daytime, you can wait for daytime and run


Also: I cannot seem to delete this "quote" block I inserted.  It's empty.




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x2 on the make it darker mods by @doughphunghus  (combined with his mod to make it hard to craft/find lights), made for a fun game when I used them (last play through)

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