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Pc updates to console

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I know TFP recently bought back the dev rights to console. 


Will any updates be coming to console so we can play as close to pc as possible? 


Or will I need to just switch! I'm an aspiring content Creator and I want to give my viewers the full effect. Currently playing on ps4 


Any input is greatly appreciated. 

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"Recently" is not the right word here as it was more than a year ago now (if I'm not totally mistaken). If you haven't already, read the blog post that is linked above in bright red. The situation is still exactly the same: Their plan is to finish the PC version and THEN make plans for console. 


In your case it means you would need to switch unless you want to wait another 2-3 years.


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8 hours ago, ProphetDTV said:

Ok thank you. Sorry if I missed an informational section about this. I am new to this forum and haven't done much searching around. 


I appreciate it. 

It's a big red banner straight across the top of every page in the Console section of the forum.  :frusty:

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What Sylen is saying is that if you click on the red banner that has the link titled: "For information on future updates and releases for the console version of the game, please read the Blog post" you will be taken to the last posted press release by The Fun Pimps themselves which should give you the official word that Meganoth paraphrased for you. :)

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