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Question about multiple servers on the same machine.


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I'm one of the admins of a gaming community. The owner has two 7 Days servers on his machine. They both run simultaneously and well. The questions I have is about allocs map webpermissions.xml. 2 questions. 


First, with two servers on the same machine won't both servers link to the same save folder to serveradmin.xml and webpermissions.xml? How would I go about separating the two maps? The server permissions is not a big deal because the same admins are for both servers.  Secondly, my users cannot seem to view the map for the first server. The default level is 2000. If I wanted a player to be able to view the map and interact what level do I set in webpermissions? I don't want to have to assign a level to every player in order for them to see the map. I want anonymous users to see the map w/o having to login, and then if they login, they can see more.

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Hey, Rizz.


For your first issue, there is a common serveradmin.xml and webpermissions.xml per server instance.  You'll specify the absolute path where you want the saves to be in the serverconfig.xml.  I use:

<property name="SaveGameFolder"                value="C:\gameservers\7dtd\servers\vanilla4\saves" />

Each world or save you create under that one instance is still just one instance.  You can only run one game server per code instance.  So if you were to have a second server on the same machine, you would have a separate serverconfig.xml where you could specify a different SaveGameFolder.  If you need to move files around, just shut down the server(s) and move the files.  Then be sure to update the serverconfig.xml to point to the new location you moved your files to.  Nothing will be lost.  As always, make sure you perform a full backup before making code changes or moving/removing files.


For your second issue, it could be a variety of issue depending on your setup, but aside from the obvious "make sure each server's map is on a different port" and "make sure the firewall has those ports open" ... you need to set permissions for the functions those players will have, such as see a list of online players, get stats, see landclaims, etc.  Here is what I have:

        <permission module="web.map" permission_level="2000" />
        <permission module="webapi.getplayersOnline" permission_level="2000" />
        <permission module="webapi.getstats" permission_level="2000" />
        <permission module="webapi.getlandclaims" permission_level="2000" />
        <permission module="webapi.gethostilelocation" permission_level="2" />
        <permission module="webapi.getanimalslocation" permission_level="2000" />
        <permission module="webapi.viewallplayers" permission_level="2" />
        <permission module="webapi.viewallclaims" permission_level="2000" />
        <permission module="webapi.getplayerinventory" permission_level="2" />
        <permission module="webapi.getplayerslocation" permission_level="2" />
        <!-- <permission module="web.map" permission_level="1000" /> -->

        <!-- <permission module="webapi.getlog" permission_level="0" /> -->
        <!-- <permission module="webapi.executeconsolecommand" permission_level="0" /> -->

        <!-- <permission module="webapi.getstats" permission_level="1000" /> -->
        <!-- <permission module="webapi.getplayersonline" permission_level="1000" /> -->

        <!-- <permission module="webapi.getplayerslocation" permission_level="1000" /> -->
        <!-- <permission module="webapi.viewallplayers" permission_level="1" /> -->

        <!-- <permission module="webapi.getlandclaims" permission_level="1000" /> -->
        <!-- <permission module="webapi.viewallclaims" permission_level="1" /> -->

        <!-- <permission module="webapi.getplayerinventory" permission_level="1" /> -->

        <!-- <permission module="webapi.gethostilelocation" permission_level="1" /> -->
        <!-- <permission module="webapi.getanimalslocation" permission_level="1" /> -->

And of course, make sure you're always using the latest (or most appropriate) version of Alloc's Server Fixes: https://7dtd.illy.bz/wiki/Server%20fixes

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