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Finding other survivor's bases

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I think it would be really cool if you could find the bases of other survivors in the world.  Basically they would be another type of POI they would be heavily fortified and have traps to keep out intruders but there would be better chances at better loot.  I would think these POIs would be best set to only spawn outside of towns on the gravel roads so they wouldn't interfere with towns.  The walls would be stronger and much harder to break in to due to the survivor having put down a land claim block.  There would be turrets, blade traps, spikes, electric fences and all of that stuff set up to make it more difficult to navigate.  Once the NPC update has been added in there could also be other survivors that would need to be dealt with as well.  

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I've seen ruined survivor encampments, the one with destroyed shops and the water tower in the  middle.  That one.  Hitting it is a nightmare too.

I was hoping one day to see it make into a quest style POI.


When bandits get put into the game, I want to see some nice fortifications they have built and I wanna be able to rip a hole in one and raid them.  That would be lovely to see in this game for certain.

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