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Metropolis PvP | 400% Loot | 400% XP | Custom Mods | MG7D.COM


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Are you tired of janky servers that wipe every week and restart every 30 minutes?
Are you sick of PvP servers that don't police item duplication? Are you tired of hackers ruining PvP?

Mercenary Gaming has a Solution for you!


Introducing Apocalypse PvE from Mercenary Gaming. 
We are a team of 7DTD game enthusiasts and IT Professionals who are currently employed in the industry. We combine our skillset used in the industry with a love for 7 Days To Die, to create a Stable, Low-Latency gaming environment. 
Hosted on Dedicated on Headless Linux Debian in Ontario CA, with server redundancy in Virginia, USA.  


Metropolis PVP | A19 | 400% | 10/2



• 100 Slots

• 400% Loot / 400% Harvest / 400% XP

• 4KM Custom Nitrogen Map

• Large Metropolis Cities

• Smart-Zombie AI
• Reset Zones

• Ammo Bundles

• Big Stacks

• 96 - Slot Backpack

• Boosted Air Drops
• PvP Bag Drop

• 90 Minute Days

• 4-Hour Restarts
• Custom Skills, Zombies, UI
• 100+ Server-Side Mods (No Download Required!)

• Friendly Community
• Active-Staff
• Exploit / Cheat Detection

• Botman & CSMM
• Linux Hosted

• Day 3000 Wipe

7 Days To Die Server Listing

Official Website Server Page

Join Our Discord!


Red: Reset Zone


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4 KM map for 100 players ??? :):):) That is like live in China lol :)


I have played some servers with Navezgane map (that is 6KM - 6x6km...) and that map si TOO SMALL for 5-6 players i think...i alone have in 10 days looted almost half of the map lol !!! Respawn of loot was every 30 days...that was sooo bad...

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