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Candies are for kiddos. Give us the drugs!

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Originally posted by me under an anti-candy mod:

"I too despise candies. It would be more appropriate and less immersion-breaking if they were designer chem patches (think NicoDerm or stimpacks). Drugs, not candies. Then it would at least be appropriate to find in the medical section on Traders, and Trader Jen could be the Heisenberg/Walter White producing all the new designer chems. All drugs could have a "Coming down" buff effect when they wear off, which temporarily reduces stamina and a couple stats (AGI and PER would be my choices)."


I believe this was the original intent of TFP (but were influenced by ESRB+marketing pressure), given the names in the current items.xml:

<item name="drugVitamins">
<item name="drugPainkillers">
<item name="drugHerbalAntibiotics">
<item name="drugAntibiotics">
<item name="drugRedPillAdmin">
<item name="drugBluePillAdmin">
<item name="drugSteroids">
<item name="drugRecog">
<item name="drugFortBites">
<item name="drugAtomJunkies">
<item name="drugCovertCats">
<item name="drugEyeKandy">
<item name="drugHackers">
<item name="drugHealthBar">
<item name="drugJailBreakers">
<item name="drugNerdTats">
<item name="drugOh@%$#zDrops">
<item name="drugRockBusters">
<item name="drugSkullCrushers">
<item name="drugSugarButts">
<item name="drugAntibioticsSchematic">
<item name="drugHerbalAntibioticsSchematic">


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That wouldn't be a hard modlet.  Having the buffs trigger a withdrawal buff when they expire would be trivial.  Iirc, one of the perks used to give you a reduced chance to get an effect like that, but it was never implemented.  Or maybe I"m confusing it with a perk from Fallout 2... idk anymore.


Renaming them is easy enough, too.  Probably the most annoying hurdle is that you'd be stuck with either the candy graphics, or it'd be client-side, or they'd have to all use the 'roids icon with color-coding.  Bleh.

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I had a drugs mod I didn't release.  It would need fixing because of a19.  You generally never knew what drugs you found (you could eat them) and you didn't know the percentage of time it would kill you fast, or slow, or give you good buffs and then give you negative buffs for coming down....or no negative buffs at all.  They removed the "throw up" mechanic so some things it used are gone... I might be able to pull it from some backups if anyone's interested.  It also had drug purification and crafting, but was unfinished so I'd have to finish it ;)_

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15 hours ago, Ramethzer0 said:

Kids play this game.  I don't think emphasizing drug use is a good idea.  Especially using in such a way that that teaches this is how goals are completed.

I do kinda agree, which is why I didn't make it with drugs being "super awesome" all the time.  The original intent was to throw a wrench into the game mechanics.  Like "if you take unknown drugs you find in a toilet after the fall of civilization, you deserve what you get!"  as most of them didn't act like the candies/foods, they all took a *long* time to start to take effect (like 15 in game minutes) and you'd forget you took them, then they had a series of buffs/debuffs that would start kicking in randomly and would chain over an hour (real time). I had one with like a chain of 24 buffs that could kick off other chains of buffs.  It was mostly to get you caught up in a POI or a bloodmoon and suddenly you can't see well or your aim was so bad you couldn't shoot anyone.  It was also so if you took 2 drugs around teh same time the buff chaining wodul basically render you mostly useless, and for a long time, unless you happened to get lucky and they both buffed positive (fast running with lots of punch power, etc).  but rarely did all of this come without a "coming down" price, where you had better be in a safe place for like 10 real time minutes because your stamina, health, or something would render you useless.


Of course, if you started purifying them (at the chem station) you would eventually get a drug with a known effect (good or bad) with a less amount of debuffs.  the idea was you then sell them to the trader for a decent amount of dukes, saved the better ones for yourself, or you put them in some food in your food storage.  The point of this was for hilarity in games, or when playing in PvP if someone stole your food and ate it they would have a bad time (punishing people who raid you).  The tainted food part got hard due to how item stacking/naming works in game, but to was doable in some cases.


On top of that I had about 12? "medicinal" drugs that were mostly just the same as in game (like steroids) but they had more specific effects, so it was harder to find the all purpose steroids or vitamins/anitbiotics and instead you had a medication that only cured 1 bad effect, or partially (some of them were random) or only opened up 8 backpack slots instead of all of them.


Anyway: I was originally going to put all of this into my "You've got Mail" mod, as all of this came with some backstories stories/books, but it had custom icons and I'm trying to keep that mod "custom icon free" until TFP can have modlets send icons to clients.  And the mod got "big" so it seemed to be standalone.  Then a19 broke it and I didn't release it in such an unfinished state.  But, some of it is useable like the "medicine"


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On 10/24/2020 at 10:51 PM, Ramethzer0 said:

Kids play this game.  I don't think emphasizing drug use is a good idea.  Especially using in such a way that that teaches this is how goals are completed.

I smoke meth anyways!


Also i just like to imagine that the candies are edibles. so do that :) 

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