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Entropic Legacy: Rogue Like Build Series

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This is the first time i have played a non-permadeath playthrough of this game in years. I'm very excited to get to have a build series that i hope my viewers will partake in. Suggestions of things to add or buildings to reconstruct/flip while we rebuild the Burnt Forrest of a 10k Nitrogen generated map. 

This will truly be the Build, Play and Explore series that i've been wanting to do. 

The following restrictions are set in place, in order to give me the challenge that i crave, and a reason to explore:

📖📖Legacy Guidelines📖📖 
All skill points must be spent on Fortitude Tree
After Fortitude and all of it's skills are maxed out, Other skills are available
Fists and Knuckle weapons are the only Melee weapons allowed
Machine Guns are primary ranged weapons
Primitive Bow and Blunderbuss can be used as back ups
Pistol can be used if I have no other firearm available
(If you know of a Pipe Riffle mod let me know, i'll use that instead of the above two)

Delete all on Death. 
No Traders
No Air Drop
No Blood Moon
Bigger Wandering Horde

Normal Zombies Always Run, Ferals Sprint (changed from All Zombies walk all the time)
10k NitroGen Map
Purely Burnt Forest Biome with Wasteland as Border of Map

📖📖Mod List📖📖 
EpicSpire's Quality ModSlot Boost
More Windows and Doors
Riles Fixes and Improvements
Bigger Wandering Horde
3 slot forge
lockable inventory slots
zombie stutter stop (improves frames when zombies spawn)
Craftable log spikes
Paint Job
More Containers
Bigger Vehicle Storage (lite version and not the OP size)
Riles Hud
Increased Stack Size



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